Older Picard

Here’s my latest drawing, Patrick Stewart from Star Trek: Nemesis.  Patrick Stewart from Star Trek: NemesisI’ve drawn Patrick Stewart as Picard probably more than any other subject.  The last time was several years ago.  On this page, you can see the various prior attempts.  This is an obvious improvement.  The others seem so crude to me now.

I drew this all using the same pencil, a 4B lead in a lead holder.

The drawing took a while, because I got distracted with painting miniatures.

The hardest thing about this drawing?  I decided to watch Nemesis one night while drawing it.  My goodness, that’s an awful movie.  Still.

Some Trek movies get better with age (Insurrection).  This one somehow gets worse.  I think it’s because the further we get away from it, the more certain I am that it’s the last time we’ll see those actors playing those characters.  And it’s a depressingly ignoble end to a great (TV and movie) series.

My next drawing might be really interesting.  I have an idea, but it scares me a bit.  We’ll see how that goes.


An Artistic Diversion

My boss has had a collection of tiny, cheap monochromatic Marvel figures sitting on her desk for a year now.  They just lie there at the edge of her desk, and people fiddle with them during meetings.

Each time I am in her office, this 1.5″ Thing figure calls out to me.  It looks like a black wash would really improve it.  I have a friend who is a huge Fantastic Four fan and an excellent miniature painter.  On his behalf, I’ve lamented the missed opportunity of this figure.

So, in a move I’d contemplated for a long time, I swiped the figure on Friday, brought it home and announced my plan to touch it up.  After I assured my kids that my boss wouldn’t mind, my son pronounced the orange color of the figure too light.

Damn, he was right.  I was going to have to do more to the figure than I initially planned to do.  So, major work immediately commenced.

First, I painted the body orange, except for the trunks.  Those I painted blue, leaving the belt white.  The Thing’s been drawn many ways over the years, and his belt is often black, but it’s sometimes white, and I thought the white would pop more.

Using a needle, I then painted his eyes white, and added the light blue to his eyes.  Then I traced the outline of the “4” belt buckle.

It was looking really nice at that point, and I still hadn’t done the wash.  I eventually ended up doing multiple washes.  Then there was some repainting of the orange highlights.  Then I hit it with dull cote to seal it and take down the shine.  Then more black washing.  Then more dull cote.

The ever-lovin' blue-eyed ThingI’m really happy with how it came out.  Tomorrow, I’ll sneak it back onto her desk.  Unless one of my coworkers points it out to her, I think there’s only a 50% chance she ever notices.

1964 Connery

I just finished another drawing that I started a year ago.  I hadn’t gotten very far, so it was almost like starting from scratch.

April 9, 2015

It’s Connery as Bond.  Compared to the drawing I did a few years back, it’s a much better likeness.

March 27, 2010
March 27, 2010

Stallone, circa 2012

After the Nimoy drawing, I decided to keep going and finish up this Stallone.

April 3, 2015

I started this in late 2013 and stopped for some reason.  I like how this came out.  Though some aspects are lacking, it’s my best work in some ways.

Encouraged by this, I’ve moved on to another piece.

Leonard Nimoy

When I heard the news of Mr. Nimoy’s death, I knew I’d have to do a drawing.  I’m a huge Trekkie, have been my whole life, and Spock is always fun to draw.

March 25, 2015
March 25, 2015

Here’s my previous attempt.  I’m encouraged by the obvious improvement.

January 2010

Both are shots of Spock from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, my favorite of the movies.