Inappropriate conduct in the dojo

My buddy operates a karate school, and he invited Lizzy to attend his children’s self-defense workshop.  I volunteered to help him out during the class.

During the second class, the children were lying on their backs, working on a technique to escape when pinned to the ground.

Lizzy was doing something I didn’t like, not paying attention or being silly, so I kneeled down next to her, got my face close to hers and quietly admonished her.

When I was done, I said “Okay?”.    She said “Yes, Daddy”.  Then I said “good girl” and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

As I was standing up, I noticed the giant window where the parents of the students can view the class and I was immediately struck by how inappropriate my actions may have seemed to those parents who didn’t know that Lizzy is my daughter.


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