Daughter, can you spare some change?

Lizzy’s 6th birthday party was this past weekend.  After the party, we made a quick run over to Home Depot.  Getting into the car to return home, I realized I wanted a coffee.

I reached into my pocket and found a $10 bill, which I remembered had come in one of her birthday cards.

I called out to Lizzy in  the back seat.  “This is your $10.  Can I use it to buy myself a coffee?”

Her response: “No, Daddy, that’s my money!”

I tried a different approach.  “Will you buy me a coffee?”

She was very excited by this idea.  We drove to McD’s and I lined up her door with the drive-thru window.  Lizzy handed the cashier her $10 and took the change back.  He was a bit confused, so she explained everything to him.

As we drove home, she had a great time playing with all her change.  And her voice was full of pride as she explained to her mom that she had bought me a coffee.


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