Chaetophobia – Fear of hair

For a while, I had a fear of drawing hair, or at least a strong aversion.  It never came out right, so I just avoided it.  I chose bald or very short-haired men as my drawing subjects.  Women were pretty much off-limits, though I did entertain the notion of drawing Natalie Portman from V for Vendetta.

As a geek, the aversion to hair led me, of course, to Patrick Stewart.  I had drawn him once or twice before, during my 2000 drawing period, and I was happy with the results at the time (though they look awful to my eye now).

Anonymous bald guy, circa 2000.

When I started back up drawing in the fall of ’09, I very quickly found myself drawing Captain Picard.

Here is my first attempt.  Awful.

Early Nov. 2009
Click to enlarge

Here’s my second attempt from a few weeks later.

Late Nov. 2009
Click to enlarge

My next attempt was much better, though the likeness is still lacking.

Early Dec. 2009
Click to enlarge

My latest turned out well, even though it wasn’t even a serious attempt.  I was just sketching while watching the Pats one Sunday afternoon.

Jan. 10, 2010
Click to enlarge

I see obvious improvement in this series, but I know that I could do better today, having a few more months experience drawing.  However, now that I have overcome my fear of drawing hair, a whole new world of subjects has been opened up to me.  I’m sure I’ll come back to Capt. Picard at some point, but for now I’m too busy.


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