Latest Drawings

Here are the last two things I’ve done.

This is Sean Connery as James Bond.  I did this while watching From Russia With Love on Blu-Ray (very pretty!).

Click to enlarge

There’s a likeness, but there’s also something terribly wrong.  I think it’s the lips predominantly.


I worked on this some more.  It’s better, surely, but I’m still unhappy.  Interestingly, it looks dead-on like Connery if I turn my sketchbook 90%.  I have no idea why or what that means.

Click to enlarge.

This next one is from earlier in the week, and I like it more.  It’s Marina Sirtis as Counselor Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Click to enlarge.

Neither of these was much more than a sketch.  I find that I’m having trouble really committing to a drawing over several days.  I guess it’s some type of artistic ADD.


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