The Boss – Updated

I thought I was done with this piece, but I got some good feedback from my previous drawings through the art tutorials site in which I’m enrolled.  I tried to apply those critiques to finish out this portrait.

I darkened some areas in, like the right lower side of his face (left to the viewer).  Looking at a tiny thumbnail of the reference image, the darkness of that area was obvious.  My eye didn’t catch that until then.

And I added in a background to make the drawing “pop” off the paper a bit.  I should’ve used a “reverse gradient” background where the background goes dark to light opposite to the drawing’s transition from dark to light.  However, I really didn’t want to add a dark background to all of that hair.  It would’ve been too much work , and I’m not sure it would’ve come out well.  Still, I think the added background gives the drawing some depth.

June 26, 2010

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