An Artistic Diversion

My boss has had a collection of tiny, cheap monochromatic Marvel figures sitting on her desk for a year now.  They just lie there at the edge of her desk, and people fiddle with them during meetings.

Each time I am in her office, this 1.5″ Thing figure calls out to me.  It looks like a black wash would really improve it.  I have a friend who is a huge Fantastic Four fan and an excellent miniature painter.  On his behalf, I’ve lamented the missed opportunity of this figure.

So, in a move I’d contemplated for a long time, I swiped the figure on Friday, brought it home and announced my plan to touch it up.  After I assured my kids that my boss wouldn’t mind, my son pronounced the orange color of the figure too light.

Damn, he was right.  I was going to have to do more to the figure than I initially planned to do.  So, major work immediately commenced.

First, I painted the body orange, except for the trunks.  Those I painted blue, leaving the belt white.  The Thing’s been drawn many ways over the years, and his belt is often black, but it’s sometimes white, and I thought the white would pop more.

Using a needle, I then painted his eyes white, and added the light blue to his eyes.  Then I traced the outline of the “4” belt buckle.

It was looking really nice at that point, and I still hadn’t done the wash.  I eventually ended up doing multiple washes.  Then there was some repainting of the orange highlights.  Then I hit it with dull cote to seal it and take down the shine.  Then more black washing.  Then more dull cote.

The ever-lovin' blue-eyed ThingI’m really happy with how it came out.  Tomorrow, I’ll sneak it back onto her desk.  Unless one of my coworkers points it out to her, I think there’s only a 50% chance she ever notices.


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